Del 14 de diciembre al 27 de febrero



Tuesday 11 December 2018


We bring the SALES forward, with the biggest discounts to help you with your Christmas shopping.

Discounts of up to 70% in more than 100 national and international labels from the 14th December to the 27th of February.

Write your letter to the Three Kings with all the things you would like is now possible with the early sales of our brands.

The perfect Sales-Christmas combo awaits in top labels such as...


Christmas activities and Sales

Add that little bit extra to your day out shopping. Come and experience a true shopping spree in the sales at Sevilla Fashion Outlet, open from 10 am to 10 pm from Monday to Saturday and opening holidays.

Your Christmas shopping accompanied by activities for the entire family and great deals.

Actividades navideñas y Rebajas

Disfruta ahora de algo más que una jornada de compras, acude y vive un auténtico día de rebajas en Sevilla Fashion Outlet, abierto de 10 a 22h de lunes a sábado y festivos de apertura. 
Tus compras de Navidad acompañadas de actividades para toda la familia y con precios únicos.