La Azotea Azul

Put your top hat on!


Tuesday 4 September 2018

We have already joined in, and now it’s your turn to put your top hat on!

Our friends from Azotea Azul will be with us at Sevilla Fashion Outlet on the following days:

  • Saturday 8th September
  • Saturday 22nd September
  • Super Thursday 27th September
  • Saturday 29th September

“LA AZOTEA AZUL” (The Blue Rooftop Terrace) is not just a garden, or an open space for games where hospitalised children from the Hospital Virgen del Rocío de Sevilla can spend some time. It’s about a way out into the outside world that means that they can connect with their environment through play and through contact with their loved ones. Because play cures. Seeing the sun, the sky, feeling like they’re outside, getting away from the isolation of four walls, making their situation seem a little more normal, seeing something more than a hospital bed and sharing that with their friends and family, all this aids recovery from their illnesses exponentially. A terrace that will make their lives somewhat less difficult than they are inside.

It will be a dream come true, at last, not just for all the boys and girls of the Hospital, but also for their parents, brothers and sisters, relatives, friends and undoubtedly for the doctors, whose top priority is that every day in hospital be one day more towards their speedy recovery. And that, unfortunately, is very complicated at present because there is no open air space where they can go out to breathe.

It will become a reality thanks to the charitable donations of thousands of people, companies and associations who believe that the Hospital Infantil Virgen del Rocío’s “BLUE ROOFTOP TERRACE” should be a priority for the good of all its people.

We’re waiting for you!