Discover denim, fashion’s essential fabric


Saturday 1 September 2018

If there is one piece of clothing that is found in every wardrobe, whether it is a man’s, a woman’s or a child’s, it is undoubtedly some denim jeans. We dare to say, without being wrong, that they are the only essential item in the world of fashion, or is it that you could maybe live without them? This fabric does not understand ages, styles, or even fashions, everyone expresses rebellion through denim, and everyone looks for comfort in this fabric, the key to its success.




LEVI’S, Sevilla Fashion Outlet


Do you know where the story of the most important fabric of the last century began? In the middle of the gold rush, back in 1853, Levi Strauss arrived in San Francisco with the firm resolve to sell tents to the region’s miners. He soon discovered that they preferred to sleep outdoors, but they did in fact have a problem that they wanted to solve: their trousers could not withstand the arduous work that they did, or the weight of the gold nuggets in their pockets, which would break very easily. Levi Strauss solved it using the tent fabric to produce hard-wearing trousers, which years later would be strengthened with copper rivets, an idea that came from one of the tailors that bought his fabrics, and with whom he partnered up a while later to secure the patent for jeans. That they would have their characteristic indigo blue colour did not come until some time later, thanks to the Genoese.




LEVI’S, Sevilla Fashion Outlet


In the 1950s they dressed Hollywood’s bad boys such as Marlon Brando and James Dean and they became the rebel garment par excellence. Since the 70s they have adapted to trends, they have been moulded to the whims of fashion, and we’re sure that this will continue to happen. Nowadays, denim fabric is not only used for trousers, but for practically any item of clothing: shirts, skirts, even footwear.



CALVIN KLEIN, Sevilla Fashion Outlet


In the 1990s the iconic model Kate Moss made denim jeans her official uniform for attending the most famous music festivals, and she was the star of an unforgettable and suggestive campaign for CALVIN KLEIN. Denim had conquered the world.

When the streets had already been won, in 1999 the catwalks fell head over heels, at the hands of designers like Tom Ford for Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Martin Margiela and Yves Saint Laurent. It is famously claimed that YSL declared that the only thing he regretted was not having invented jeans. And creativity, colours, stitching, rips and diamante were let loose, and ultimately denim gets on well with everything and with everyone, right? We’re sure it’s your favourite item of clothing.

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