5 bags to wear with DENIM


Monday 17 September 2018

Are you a DENIM lover? If the answer is yes, these are the handbags that you must have in your wardrobe, perfect to wear with denim garments and give it that special touch that makes it a unique look.


Go beyond and move away from the typical basic black or brown bag, opt for a beautiful blue to accompany your denim clothes.


Bag: Bimba & Lola, watch: Swarovski


From maxi to mini size, in a variety of materials and colours. If there is one that’s going to be a winner this autumn/winter, it will be the white bag.


Bag: Coach


For some time now, backpacks have adopted the most feminine shapes and styles, for those who are looking for comfort without neglecting their flirty side. Pink is a colour that works really well with denim and goes with virtually all colours.


Shirt and backpack: GUESS

Bum bag

Loved and hated in equal parts - which side are you on? Round here we go for bum bags, for those who prefer to leave the house light on luggage and, of course, it’s the perfect bag for travelling. Go for this star combination for this autumn:

Animal print + denim + red


Shirt & bum bag: GUESS


To complete the range, we were not going to conform with just any old clutch, this model will take your denim look to its most elegant expression, perfect for those more special occasions when you don't want to give up your favourite fabric or your more sophisticated side.


Dress: Bimba & Lola, clutch; Adolfo Domínguez

Denim is so versatile that, as you can see, it adopts different styles depending on what you combine it with. In the boutiques of Sevilla Fashion Outlet, we have the high-quality bag that you need, with prices from 30% to 70% discount.